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My System Specs


Company Name: XFX
Product: GT 240
Warranty Period: lifetime
Date purchased: June 10 2011
Date RMAed: Sept 26 2011
Where it was sent to: California
Ease of RMA: 10
Any extra fees?: $9.78
Wait time: 3 weeks
Details: Bought the card for $19.99 and began having issues and after a few months as it was no longer recognized by any pc that it was installed in. I logged into XFX website and opened a ticket asking for an RMA. I was granted an RMA and sent the card in. 3 weeks later the replacement card arrived. On November 25th I was issued a customs invoice for $9.78. I phoned Fed ex and they claim that because XFX declared the value of the replacement card as $20 they have to charge me regardless of the the fact that the card is a warranty replacement. I then contacted XFX and they are UNWILLING to help resolve that matter by issuing a new Commercial Invoice for $19.99. According to Fed Ex anything valued at $20 or more must be charged and XFX will not help me.
So yes I did receive a working card back but XFX's stubborn attitude leaves me baffled.

Satisfaction: 2
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