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My System Specs


Originally Posted by charles_h View Post
Not a problem; the optional internal Aquaero 5 PRO sled also accommodates an SSD drive for a total of 4. The 4th SSD lines up and plugs into the 3.5 HD connector on the PCB... oh; I've said too much...

Silverstone will not be distributing the MKII. We're control freaks and therefore do all our own sales and distribution.
Hmm, well I actually needed 4x3.5" bays, but I guess the 5.25" bay for the Aquaero could still be adapted.

I can't help but notice there's an awful lot of space between each drive though. A slightly tighter configuration with more bays would of been nice for us storage whores ;)

And distribution will originate from Canada? Shipping will still be a killer I imagine, but at least that will lessen the blow.
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