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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Done..... :)

Looking forward to seeing the completed project. Always been a fan.
Thank you Sir! :)

Originally Posted by JD View Post
Awww, but I need 4 for my RAID10!

I take it Silverstone will be distributing it then? Looking forward to it still! I'll hold off on making any rash decisions until then
Not a problem; the optional internal Aquaero 5 PRO sled also accommodates an SSD drive for a total of 4. The 4th SSD lines up and plugs into the 3.5 HD connector on the PCB... oh; I've said too much...

Silverstone will not be distributing the MKII. We're control freaks and therefore do all our own sales and distribution.

Originally Posted by kazenagi View Post
That looks beautiful I hope the pricing will be decent.. you wouldn't be able to build a pc with that case after selling your eyes and arms.
Thank you kazengi. :)

We believe the pricing will be fair for what you're getting. We've worked very hard to deliver the maximum value with the MKII. While it won't be cheap, it's designed and built to target those looking for something super-high quality and with no compromises. The MKII will last many years and with its modular design and multitude of customized add-ons, you can mix and match features based on your needs.

Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Damn that looks fine!!!! Nothing beats a well machined piece of alum...... :)
Cheers Steve. :)

Everything seen so far is the 1st MKII prototype. The 2nd and hopefully final MKII prototype has over 100 refinements and will be finished just in time for CES. If everything is perfect with the 2nd prototype, we'll reveal all the hidden and yet to be seen features of the MKII. :)
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