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Hit Boxes have been an issue since they went to the Frostbyte Engine or whatever the hell its called in BF:BC. Not to mention this engine is a multi-port that is used in other things like Car racing games, cross-platform (to Xbox and PS3) and not specific to Shooters. Obviously when you make an engine overly-generic and cross-platform it, you can create issues. All that being said, considering this is BF3 still built on the same underlying code of Frostbye, with updated graphics and updated 'destruction' models, its much the same as Skyrim. The basic coding problems and flaws that plague one game, plague the next.

I refuse to buy Karkland much the same as most DLC...products that should have been included with the original game I wont pay more $ for. This cash-cow isnt giving any more cash.
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