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My System Specs


No offense to Linus, but he likely isn't the best person to be asking for audiophile advice. This isn't exactly the best forum either, though there are some fairly knowledgeable audio experts here. I would consider looking into an actual audiophile forum like ABI or HeadFi. But as always take everything everyone says (myself included) with a grain of salt. Everybody's ears are different, what's right for someone else might not be good for you.

If the XB1000's aren't bass heavy enough for you with your current audio setup, return them to the store if possible. Unless you have extra money to spend on a higher end soundcard/amp or external DAC/amp setup. (EQ should be done at the DAC, the amp should merely increase the power) TBH I would recommend looking into buying a few budget headphones first to better understand the exact sound signature you want. Jumping straight into upper mid range audio without an upper mid range DAC/amp will likely only lead to disappointment and a lot of wasted money.
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