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Default Linus - please show the way for this audiophile n00b

Having watch many of your un-box video it's apparent that you are into high end audio and i'm tryin to learn as best as I can but it's just so confusing. I've recently bought myself a pair of Sony XB 1000 and I'm using it with the on board audio of the Gene Z ATM. With the provided software I have the equalizer set for bass heavy and unfortunately the sound is distorted even with these headsets. Now as far as I can understand that higher the volume along with setting excessive lows or highs in the equalizer will give a distorted sound. But if I line out the audio to an amp like this Audioengine N22, won't the sound be even more distorted? I should also state that I'm after higher volume as well, coz the on board audio just don't cut it. But at the current max volume from on board audio the sound is already distorted so an amp or will it? I just don't get it.

Hope you can help dude.
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