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Default High-end monitor help, PLS, IPS, 120hz?

Alright, I've been pretty apprehensive about getting rid of my 50" 3D Plasma I bought for $1,300 in August for a new high end monitor, but I really would like to do it.

There is a problem, though. Not many people have the luxury of using the Samsung SA850 PLS 27" monitor, the Samsung SA950 120hz 27" monitor, and a 30" Dell U3011/ZR30W monitor at least once in their lifetime.

This is really a question I think either Linus would have to answer, or someone who has personal experience with each one of these monitors (which I'm doubting there are many, if any - which is why I'm here).

I basically want the best picture quality possible, and the best gaming experience I can afford ($1,200 range, no eyefinity).

Some people believe that a 120hz high end TN panel like the SA950 is much better than having a 30" 60hz 2560x1600 S-IPS panel. But what threw me off was the SA850 PLS monitor which you said was the best monitor you've ever seen. Of course, after a little inspection, mass amounts of complaints about horrible backlight bleed (amongst other problems) are concerning me, and I'm really 50/50 between a 30" U3011/ZR30W and the Samsung PLS SA850. I'm still throwing the idea of a high quality 120hz display in the air, but I feel like it would be a waste for $600+ to get 27" 1080p TN panel, even if it does have 120hz refresh rates.

There are so many pros and cons to each monitor, of course, such as glossy vs aggressive AG coating, IPS vs PLS vs TN, 120hz vs 60hz, whatever. All I want to know is; if you put these all side by side, sat in front of them and played some games for an hour on each, which would you say gives the best experience, and the most jaw-dropping beautiful picture?

I spent $3,000 on my PC and I feel like, even though I have an amazing and huge 50" 3D Plasma, at 1080p it's just sub-par for sitting 3 feet away from it.

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