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My System Specs


Sorry about the bad pics. Was working on this late last night and only had my P&S handy. I've also corrected the thread title - thanks!

Now I understand why people curse at the Big Shuriken's mounting pins. To get to the pins easily, one of the side 120mm fans should be removed. I also had a handy bottle opener that just happened to be the right shape and strength!

The Big Shuriken dwarfs the regular Shuriken Rev B.

Tossed in my extra low-profile RAM as the Big Shuriken overhangs the DIMM slots. You can't even change the RAM without taking off the heatsink.

Had the extra Kingston kit laying around doing nothing. It's not worth anything these days where you can get a 8GB kit for $35, so I had to loosen timings a bit for the RAM to work. The Kingston is specced at CL7 1.75V, but seems to work fine at CL9 1.5V.

It was not fun taking off the heatsink to add the Kingston kit.

The stock fans have terrible sleeve bearings. The whoosh of air at 7V is more pleasing to the ear than the bearing chatter at 5V.

I also undervolted the i7 860 by using the Gigabyte DVID setting of -0.075V. It's testing LinX at 1.024V, loading at 75C on the hottest core. I'm very curious to see how low it can go... it's really hard to find undervolting results for this model.

Additional specs:
G-Skill 2x4GB DDR3-1333 1.5V
Kingston HyperX 2x1GB DDR3-"1375" 1.5V
Corsair Force 120GB SSD
Western Digital WD20EARS


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