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To the OP, run CDM like ONCE. There is zero need to continue to rerun the test UNLESS you have an issue like you do now. CDM, AS-SSD and the others use UNcompressible data which really really is hard on the SF2281 drives.

To Arinoth, yeah I do have a sneaking suspecion that it could be AMD's "implementation" of Trim that is biting him in the ass....but it most likly is just a bad drive as those read numbers are awfully damn low even for a degraded state. If cleaning and cleaning and cleaning with a side order of double nuking does in fact clear it all up AND his "trim chain" is intact and SHOULD be running right...all I can say is...congratulations you have joined the legion of consumers who have been screwed over my AMD and their driver "team". AMD has a loooong tradition of doing it so its nothing personal. HOPEFULLY that is the case as sometimes a re-installation of the OS can solve it...which beats RMA'ing a drive any day!
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