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My System Specs


This is the list I found that I based my hopeful predictions. Would be nice if it were true. I do know a few people that bought there pre-orders within the first 2 weeks and they all got their inv's on First / Second wave yesterday.

He deleted the Day 1 info, but it lined up with the system used today

**Wave 1, day 2 related:**

UPDATE 1: Latest in this thread: 1th August.
UPDATE 2: Latest in this thread: 4th August.
UPDATE 3: 13 minutes past the first wave. Seems to have ended around the 6th August. Will
update when next wave arrives.

**Wave 2, day 2 related:**

UPDATE 1: Estimate (and only estimate) of wave 2: August 6th-August 13th
UPDATE 2: latest in this thread: 15th August.
UPDATE 3: latest in this thread: 28th August. (last of this wave)

**Wave 3, day 2 related:**

UPDATE 1: Estimate (and only estimate) of wave 3: August 26th - Sep 10th
UPADTE 3: latest in this thread 9th september.
UPDATE 4: Last known invited date: 10th September.

**Wave 4, day 2 related:**

UPDATE 1: last known invite date: 30th september.
UPDATE 2: last known invite date: 2nd-3rd October.

This concludes the waves for today. Unless bonus waves are added, this thread will be updated tomorrow throughout the day! Thank you all for your comments and help!
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