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Default Gaming case help

I'm not going to be doing any modding except for maybe drilling a couple fan holes depending on whats required but I'm basically trying to figure out what case to get.

I would like the best possible air flow for a single card, single CPU system with multiple hard drives. The computer is used for gaming but I'm not one of those cutting edge type people, I rock a ATI 5770 1GB card right now, might upgrade to a 560 when they drop in price but thats about the extent of my spending on my system. currently running a E5400 @ 3.2Ghz, 6GB ram and the 5770 I mentioned. I'm looking to upgrade to either an i3, i5 or maybe go more budget route with the AMD chips, quad core for sure if i go AMD.

What cases do you guys suggest? My budget would be under $100.
Intel E5400 @ 3.2ghz
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