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My System Specs

Default New WC Loop...something's not right

Alright guys so I recently put together a kit to keep my vid cards cold when gaming; Problem is, I can't even play BF3 on ultra with a watercooled 6870 crossfire combo? That just seems stupid. Especially when there are people using 1 580 and getting BF3 to run on ultra no problem. Both cards have been pushed to 950/1095 but it still doesn't seem to be enough.

The GPU's are looped in series after the cpu so one card is about 10* hotter than the other but neither one goes past 66-68 when gaming.

System specs are:
i5 760 @3.6
2x XFX 6870

XSPC RS360 rad with 3 XSPC fans push and 3 yate loon fans pull
2x EK 6870 FC waterblocks
XSPC DDC 3.25 pump/resevoir

Something tells me that I should have much better performance than what I'm seeing... I'm pretty certain all the air pockets are out of the system but its hard to tell. Oh, and I've already wiped all drivers and reinstalled again to rule that out.

Any suggestions?
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