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Originally Posted by bigFOIG View Post
In case you don't know how to do that, run cmd as administrator, and type in "fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify" if the result is "0", then TRIM is enabled
Ummm....not really. All that means is the OS will issue the command. It does NOT mean that the command will be recieved by the SSD. You could be in IDE mode on a 3rd party controller and still the OS will tell you its A-OK.

Four links in a TRIM chain
OS, Drivers, Controller, SSD.

OS has to send the command (ie be windows 7 or nix comparable)

Drivers have to be able to send it on. This means AHCI drivers from either AMD (though not always as their drivers...are very less than optimal), or Intel OR the std MS AHCI drivers

Controller. The controller itself has to be able to pass it on. This means it has to be either 8 series or later from AMD or Intel since ICH9R. It can NOT be on a marvel, asmedia, or any of the other controllers mobo makers put on there to add extra ports.

SSD...all ssds are TRIM aware so this one is a default yes now.

IF any part of this chain is wont get TRIM...yet the OS will still happily send on the commands.

To the OP. It doesnt really sound like a typical degraded state. In a degraded state the write speed does indeed TANK but the READ speed only dips a minor amount...unless the drive is REALLY, REALLY messed up and super super degraded....and even then those numbers are LOW. Three possibilities. 1 - its really in bad shape nand wise 2- the sata port or cable is wonky 3- its in the process of dieing on you.

What I would do is A) make sure you are indeed in TRIM capable setup. 2) backup ALL your data -and then stick in a dif rig as a "D" drive that is also TRIM capable 3) do a sanitary erase (OCZ toolbox will work fine on your drive...yours is the same as the agility 3 just with a dif sticker on the outside) 4) format it 5) run freespace cleaner w/ FF option enabled THREE times. This means letting it go until the green bar STOPS going up and down (the bar does not mean how much progress it is at...just that it is working). 5) run a sani erase AGAIN 6) format it 7) change your sata cable and sata port 8) restore from backup and test...IF after all that its still showing bad...RMA it has its dieing. Actually wouldnt surprise me if doing all that pushes it over the edge and kills it DEAD...IF its dieing and not just really messed up. 9) STOP RUNNING synth benchmarks on it. It the equivalent of repeatedly punching your SF2281 drive in with a baseball bat.
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