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Originally Posted by Prolab View Post
Im just curious - the KB is crap because the F1-F12, del, ins, etc keys arent mechanical switches?

Personally, i cant think of any game that i had to use F1-F12 keys extensively for them requiring mechanical keys.

Although, i think the KB should be price cheaper than the $109 price point. There are other "full" mechanical KB that are $89+.
you forgot the escape key as well as the macro keys. i just do not liike how they are marketing their keyboard as a mechanical will little to no warning about the rubber domed keys. they make an excuse "harder to accidentally hit those keys" as a defense. i am not the only one that feels this way. feel free to read this thread that contains more opinion.

i LOL at corsair defense.

look at post 10,15,16,17,25. better to read whole thread....

Corsair K90 Keyboard Release ?

Blog - Vengeance Gaming Keyboard Keyswitch Technology

notice how they say prevent accidentally pressing key type by using rubber dome. Are they saying that the red switch are garbage and if you try to type an essay, you will be typing multiple letters accidentally?? its just a gay coverup for them cheaping out and trying to maximize profits
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