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hmm, something to consider, not sure how well that would work into my idea of using it for a fileserver though. that board doesn't have enough ports or slots for ad-on cards to do what i was thinking. also whether or not it would fit in my case. i can fit an eatx board so i think the 4p are to large for what I'm looking at. All I need is a board, cpu's, coolers and ram.
poking around I have found a Supermicro H8DM3-2 (has mini-sas connectors) so that will eliminate one of the add-on cards that I have. Also found some 2216HE's(good enough for now) upgrade in the future. I think i can put it together for around 300

I currently have my eye on some additions to a current platform I have been working on so we'll see if that goes through or not.
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