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just took another read through the thread, seems like a neat little project.

so from what i understand this is going to be a folding box primarily and you are moving to running linux. The specs are a Supermicro H8DME-2 with a pair of opteron 2218 dual core with 1x1gb ram per cpu.

I am actually considering a socket F setup to replace my old file server (Athlon X2 4600) and do some folding.

Can you give some tpf or ppd numbers from your current setup? i see in an earlier post that you're getting 3400ppd in windows, any linux numbers?

I am actually considering the same route for the processors starting with a pair of 22xx, then moving up to 24xx in the future. I'm going to try and stick with the HE series of processors to try make it a lower power folder/home server
Did you look at a lot of different boards before you settled on the H8DME-2? I am trying to find something that will work best for my needs and I was hopeing that it would have SAS onboard as I have a RPC-4216 case that I'm currently using with some cheap SAS cards. It would be nice to get rid of at least one of the ad-on cards if not both.

Either way this is an interesting little project, can't wait for more updates
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