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Default Fanless watercooling?

Has anyone run a water cooling system with an oversized fanless radiator?
I ask because I'm fond of a quiet computer, and well, I have MANY different rad's kicking around from Automobiles (Radiators, Transmission coolers, Heater Cores)

I'm contemplating getting into water cooling in the new year (if my current CPU stays stable while I drop the voltage). E8400 running 4.2ghz stable, I've been in windows @ 4.5ghz (very unstable). This is with Air cooling, and based on my temps @ the stock speed of 3.0Ghz, my cooler is poorly mounted. All hardware is in my Sig.

I have nudged the CPU cooler MANY times. Some of those nudges may have been 'twists'. This would upset a (previously) proper mount?

Yes I'm cheap, and I enjoy custom stuff, even if it looks ghetto (but performs sufficiently)
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