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Originally Posted by Evilyeti View Post
I have been using a roots tuffskin case on my iPhone 3G for almost 2 1/2 years now and I have had plenty of scares and my phone to this day still works great. I have dropped my phone multiple times on carpet, concrete, grass, dirt you name it. I have also thrown my phone by accident across a room (its a long story).

The only other thing i have installed on my Iphone is a Zagg Invisible shield which has also helped prolong the life of my iPhone and when i do eventually decide to upgrade to an iPhone 4 (if i even have to) I will buy the exact same two accessories. Roots tuffskin case + Zagg Shield. $60 worth of accessories that are probably the only reason my phone still works.

Although the only place my phone has never gone before is liquid. I have never once dropped my phone in the toilet because I don't take it in the bathroom with me, If i do its because its in my jeans pocket but that is it.

I am pretty sure though they make a case called Otterbox which is suppose to be water resistant and drop proof as well but it is much bulkier in size.

On another note, apparently if you ever liquid damage your phone putting it in a bucket of rice is suppose to absorb all the water and dry out your phone. A few girls I am friends with swear by this method, one of them was texting while in the shower (who needs to text in the shower???) dropped her phone and than it quit working. She said she put it in a bucket of rice over night and it continued to work fine afterward.

This is the roots tuffskin case, they also make it for the iPhone 4 now as well.
Putting a wet phone in DRY rice will cause the rice to draw the moisture out FASTER! This is why some restaurants put a few grains of dry rice in the salt shakers, to prevent moisture and salt chunks.

The Otterbox is a company, they make cases for many devices. They make 3 different cases for the iPhone 3GS. Last spring I found a 3GS on the lawn during the spring thaw, turns out it had been there 2 months! IT was in the Defender case (the bad ass, but HUUUUUUGE case).

Rugged iPhone 3Gs Case, iPhone 3Gs Defender Series //
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