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Default Built My Own Radiator - Not 100% complete!

Introduction: I work in central-northern Canada (Lloydminster area) as an oil-well operator. I make sure that the oil is flowing to the surface, and take care of shipments blah blah blah. My employer, also owns a radiator repair shop (for the radiators inside the skid houses that keep the motor cool that rotates the rods that are going "down hole") I work in his shop as well, and have helped build, and repair such sized radiator. Most of which are 4.3L BMW to 5.9L Bucks/ Atlas radiator, all the way up to a 8.3L Cummins. I had some free time, so decided to build a small scale radiator, that would fit in my TJ07 that I am rebuilding. Now, you guys need to understand, that this one, of this size, is my first run at it, and not 100% complete yet. This is more of a prototype than anything. Just trying to experiment with my own knowledge and skill... I think I succeeded. Now that I know how my work turns out, I can increase my own expectations and push my limit on the next one.

This one I am showing you is 11FPI - though it seems a little tight. It looks more tight because the way the tubes are, and also because the tubes are quite large; 3/4in to be exact. As for the tubes, they are staggered. I all ready know I will need some high CFM fans to get through. This one is also a single pass design. Why? Because you cant make a duel-pass with staggered tubes - or at least, with my skill, I can't. It has copper tubes copper fins, and brass tanks. The fins are a flat dimpled fin design - used to cool gen sets, buses etc. The tanks where a quick mock up pair though - just cut, snipped, folded, and soldered the corner. What is usually done, is that the are cut, rounded, and soldered with silver - it then looks like one solid piece. It's in the shape of a 120.4 but with a lot more thickness and a little more length. It's around 3.5" thick, or three Swiftech radiators. Oh, as for those tube this is what I mean by staggered; If you took the tob tank off, and look down on to the top of it, it would look like this: (the underscore is just there so I can push it in)

_| | | | |
__| | | | |
_| | | | |
__| | | | |

My next revision, 8FPI, single row tubes, duel pass, triple, or quad pass (couldn't make it because of the staggered tubes), and probably only 3 rows. Tanks will be soldered together with silver so they look like one piece, with no abnormalities.

Current Specs:
Copper Tubes
Copper Fins - Flat dimple finned design. The inside of these have little "slits" - much like on the inner side of the serpentine finned rads.
Staggered 3/4" tubes
Brass tanks
G1/4 threads

Next Run:
Copper Tubes
Copper Fins
8 or 9 FPI
Straight 3/4" tubes/
Duel Pass Design (Triple or Quad if I can)
Brass Tanks

Raw and Assembled:

Quick Coat of Enamel (Industrial):

It still isn't done, but I will update this thread a long the way, as well as with different one coming up :)


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