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My System Specs


Apparently the shrine I've set up dedicated to the dark overlords of courier delivery services has pleased the appropriate entities. (Either that, or the new(er) Ontario NCIX warehouses have greatly improved service to the atlantic provinces..... ;) ).

Latest arrival for the upcoming build has been an XFX Pro 1000W. Not a lot of reviews on the XFX unit itself, but apparently it's exactly the same as the Seasonic 1000W unit, and thus has received rave reviews.

That's one big A$@ box, and quite the collection of cables. Being a full modular unit was a major bonus point for me. Only 6 PCIe plugs, but I suppose if a person was going to go full fledged quad SLI that they'd probably be grabbing a slightly higher wattage PSU. That said... more than enough to power my two 560ti cards. (Finally got around to throwing those onto my test bench for the post-RMA stess testing... they've been folding fine for over 5 hours.... ;) ).

AFAIC, great looks on the fan assy, almost makes a person want to ignore the benefits of drawing PSU air up from the bottom of the case just to show it off.... ;) That said, at least PSU manufacturers have recognised that many (if not most) cases now sport a bottom mount and have adjusted the "b side" decals to be upright when mounted in that fashion. Now... if only we could figure out a way to do the same for the rear panel.... (or maybe decide that bottom mount should be the standard so that most builds will appear upright when installed). The switch in the lower r/h side is for selecting between normal or hybrid (power saving) mode.

Last up is the rear panel (see what I mean about orientation??? ;) ), and current output label.... 83A????? Maybe it's time to rethink my "Single rail or die" attitude.

Anywise... glad to see this come in, my TX750s and PC P&C 750W silencers are getting a bit long in tooth, and I wasn't sure about running the two cards under an OC'd load. Probably more than enough power, but after 2+ years of 24/7 OC'd folding I have to start wondering about how well they're holding up.

Next up will be DazMode's contribution (heh... I wish it was contributed rather than billed.... ;) ). Great service BTW.... put the order in on Saturday, got a confirmation email with tracking monday morning by 11 am.

PS... apparently these are supposed to be on sale @ $209 for the next couple of days..... great buy IMO!!!! :)
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