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My System Specs


Originally Posted by noname2020x View Post
Huh, I totally didn't think about that. I will be using the NZXT M59 (which will be filled with 3rd party fans). I'm going to be honest though, I'm tempted to get the hawk simply because I think it looks so stinkin cool. My main question however is, which one will run games faster and which is more reliable?
Reliability is luck of the draw really when it comes to a lot of cards. MSI does tend to use slightly better VRM components on their TF cards, however if you SLI them be prepared for an Oven inside your case. The Cards will spit out hot Air and re-circulate it admist everything else in your case. One of our Mods here had them and they hit High temps.

The EVGA's will exhaust some air into your case too but much much less than the MSI ones. Couple that with the top notch service you get from EVGA and you're laughing.


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