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Originally Posted by tyreman View Post
It is likely sitting at the border. or just cleared late.

What you want to hope is that they don't/didn't at the border assess it a charge due to the package and documentation not being filled out indicating its a warranty return from RMA

Some dumb*** companies like Razer send stuff back from RMA's and don't mark its a RMA repair and you get hit with the fees, had this happen in our home with Razer products within the last 3 months.
We just refused it and they didn't like it but thats to bad.
I am not taking the time to "reclaim" anything like that on rebate forms to gov't depts., they can send it correct in the first place.

Thats why I avoid that joint to.
thats exactly what happened to me with a gigabut rma
got stuk @ border and i had to pay cause they did not mark it as rma
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