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Originally Posted by Your_friendly_gamer View Post
According to USPS tracking number, it was scheduled to be picked up on the 1st of december which did happen. However, it's the 11th today and according to the USPS site, it's still in the US. Has not arrived to Canada yet. Not only Gigabyte has a horrible customer support, they are also super slow and use cheap means of shipping.

I have RMA'd to MSI, EVGA, Antec twice and they all used well know carrier services, instead of national postal services.
It is likely sitting at the border. or just cleared late.

What you want to hope is that they don't/didn't at the border assess it a charge due to the package and documentation not being filled out indicating its a warranty return from RMA

Some dumb*** companies like Razer send stuff back from RMA's and don't mark its a RMA repair and you get hit with the fees, had this happen in our home with Razer products within the last 3 months.
We just refused it and they didn't like it but thats to bad.
I am not taking the time to "reclaim" anything like that on rebate forms to gov't depts., they can send it correct in the first place.

Thats why I avoid that joint to.
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