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Default S/PDIF from p5k deluxe jitter vs Xonar STX

I have a P5K Deluxe which has already an S/PDIF output and I am setting my hi fi 2.1 with Integra DTR 40.2, Emotiva XPA-2 and The Philharmonics3.

Integra DTR 40.2 has 'jitter clean' processing according to its specs (still can't post links, right below I post it)

DTR 40.2 and the rest of the gear is planned to arrive next month, but I have no means to find to which level MB bit streams as expected (free from audible artifacts as jitter, buffer overflow, underflow, etc) neither to find out how well DTR 40.2 jitter clean processing works!

Is it empirical testing the only way to know how it will behave or is there anything else to consider which might be more definite?

I wouldn't like to wait until everything is set to discover I have a weak spot in MB S/PDIF, but also would not like to spend $200,00 on Xonar if it is not needed!!

Would Xonar S/PDIF output be somewhat better than MB S/PDIF, regarding any criteria??

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