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Yeah...They dont make the koolance QDC's in black..I wish they did...I would have been all over them.I had a buddy who sent his QDC's off and had them anodized a gloss black. They looked good until he chipped it a bit.

I have only used and will only use Distilled water with a silver kill coil. I have the coil in the tube just infront of the QDC before it hits the filter. Good place for it and it will never move due to the way the QDC is made. If I want any color I buy the colored tube. Its real hard to get stuff gunked up when all your running is pure water :)

Originally Posted by jibz View Post
Hi Larry,

I appreciate you taking the time to come check out my/our(a few others are getting involved) little project. I've almost got what I think is a finished part list/plan mapped out, but I'm right in the middle of exams so I haven't much time finalize. I'm hoping next week I can post my plan and get a few helpful forum members to review it and give me confidence in my purchase.

One thing I'm sitting on the fence about is what fluid I'll use. I'm currently leaning heavily toward pure distilled water with a silver kill coil in the res, but I'll have to rig up a way to not have it rattle.

I was looking at doing exactly this but I can't find any QDKs in black :( I'm going for white tubing/black components and my white rv02. I might suck it up as they will be fairly hidden from view from the case window.
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