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My System Specs


God I should have just upgraded to the 500 Series a few months back. I had it in my head that they would be coming out around Christmas for whatever reason (reading fake/bad estimations and letting my hope blind me lol..) now I'm reading May/June from opinions that I trust although I still know they're speculation. Not that I am yet seeing any performance issues with my GTX480 in all games running ULTRA on 1920x1200 although it is starting to show signs. The major killer for me is the heat output after a while of gaming on some GPU intense games my PC almost stands a fair fight against my air-con now days (I think it's got hotter) but I suppose it does have the Australian sun outside backing it up.

Still I want to see a 600 Series with great power consumption and low heat output while still maintaining a nice bump in performance from the 500 Series, It was the lack in performance increase that made me not bother with a 580. But if results are even slightly better than current gen heat, power and all I will be buying two 680's off the bat and will probably be putting them on liquid too.

Rambled enough for one post I think, apologies!
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