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Hi Jibz,
This is Larry ( LVL8hacker). Sorry to get back with you so late but I was out of town doing a photo shoot and just got back. I got your message on youtube and I wanted to be able to sit down and answer your questions properly.

First off I wanted to say thank you for all your kind words in regards to my build. I put a ton of thought and time when planing this and it just feels great when hard work gets noticed.

I think the greatest complement to ones work is replication and I look forward to what you come up with.

Now that I got that out of the way let me see if I can be of any help with your questions. I joined your forums so I can check in from time to time and chime in if you have any quick questions.

First off, your parts list looks good. I used the Koolance QDC where I did for two reasons. One I had them already and wanted to use them in the build. Secondly, I wanted a way to remove the filter for cleaning and this was just what I came up with. The QDC's that you see serve two purposes, one for the filter and the other is so I can remove the 540mm RAD. What you don't see is the other QDC's coming out of the other side of the RAD into the CPU block, they seem to be hidden pretty well by all the PSU wires.

The great part about these QDC's are that you can come up with all kinds of ways to use them. The bad part is the cost can start to add up if you know what I mean. If wanted of course you could do the whole build with out them..there is not a place where I "needed" them, its just what I came up with.

Drain port. This is an easy one...I don't have one :) I thought about it when building but just could not think of a place where a drain port would actually work. The point of putting in a drain port is to have it in the lowest part of the loop. My lowest part is a big ole RAD and I just didn't see a good spot. No drain port is not the end of the world. You will just need to be a little more careful when taking the loop apart.

Hard drive cage. It was pretty strait forward removing the HDC. Remove the outer case from the inner case via the little screws running from the top to bottom. You will need a drill bit roughly the same size as the center part of the rivet. Drill them out with care not to scratch the finish on the inside of the case. If you do end up getting a few nicks, a sharpie black pen works wonders :) I ended up cutting two of the HDC sections off. You will also need to remove all the little "flanges" that come off the cage as well, it just helps with fitting it back on and makes it look real clean. How I ended up fitting the cage back on was to drill two holes in the side of the HDC, the side that will be up against the front of the case. While holding the cage up there I drilled through the cage into and through the front of the case. **outer case cover is still off for this** I then used a counter sync drill on the out side of the holes and used counter sunk flat head screws mounting them from the outside and securing them with lock nuts on the inside of the cage. I had a hard time finding the right size screw and nut so I ended up having to cut down some screws but it came out good. NOW when you put the outer case cover back on you will not be able to see the screws or holes.

I hope this helps and if you have any other questions please feel free to let me know.

Originally Posted by jibz View Post
Alright here my build list, I'd appreciate some opinions from people who know a thing or two about water cooling.

This will be my first WC build and I wanna do it right.

Outline picture attached.

Part list based on picture:
12 1/2 ID compression fittings (possibly 3x 4pack of feser from dazmode)
3 45 degree rotary fittings
2 90 degree rotary fittings
1 90 degree L bit

1 EK Supreme rev 4
2 EK gtx580/570 reference full cover blocks
2 geforce sli EK-FC link for serial connector block
1 3 slot dual GPU serial connector block

1 laing DDC pump with EK top (used from fellow forum member)

1 swiftech res (used from forum member)

8 feet of white 1/2 ID thermochill flex tubing.

Magicool 180x3 triple radiator

Am I missing anything? Is the layout/flow path correct?
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