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My System Specs


Small update for the day (and possibly the last until new stuff arrives at the door):

We'll have to see how well it stands up once it's completely dried, but I suspect my "poor man's solution" to the chrome is going to be as simple as using a permanent black felt marker. Might not be perfect, but looks to me like it'll be fine as a "looks good from far, yet far from good" solution. Word to the wise when it comes to the nuts... if you don't want to blacken your fingertips while colouring, thread them onto either stock or a bolt first.... ;)

Can anybody think of a reason why this won't work? I know it's not perfect coverage, and I suspect it might cause problems if it was actually in the loop, and/or allowed to come in contact with the rubber o-ring, but it doesn't seem to come off unless I'm really working at it.

Next up are a couple of late entries to the re-purposed kit that's going to be part of the build.....

The realtek audio on my Sabertooth has been a PITA from day one.... not sure if it's the board, drivers, or something going on with my speakers / cables, but it's been randomly reporting "a cable has been unplugged" when all appears to be working well... There's probably a way to turn off that pop-up, but I've got this HT Omega Striker kicking around that was originally purchased to stream coax digital audio from my old Q6600 build to a home amp. No more on-board for me, and even better, the black PCB will fit right in with the subdued dark theme.

While the Lvl 10 GT has an integrated fan controller, I doubt its set up to control fans not shipped with the case. This Scythe Kazemaster 3.5 is currently controlling the push/pull fans on a PA120.1 inside the Cosmos S, and should be a perfect fit to run the 4 YLs. Not completely sure how I'm going to wire it up, I don't think I've got any "Y" adapters for the fans. I may need to splice pairs in parallel (the controller has more than enough headroom for that), or possibly come up with a creative use of the motherboard's headers.

Anywise... thanks for looking, and everybody be sure to have a great week!!!!!!!
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