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My System Specs


Who in there right mind spends 800+ on a monitor then uses a single gpu that only costs 3bills? You will run out of performance (ie Frames per second) long before memory becomes an issue with that kind of combo. This is why I personally consider the 448 to be a better fit for 24" or less it makes a lot more sense to pair a 3bill monitor with a 3bill gpu.

Personally...I dont even consider a single 580 to be a great fit for 27 or 30 inch monitors.
Your are absolutely correct, these most recent titles coming out run absolutely great on a 580 SLi config at 2560 x 1440, a single Card you most certainly would have to dial back some settings!!! As far as that 560 ti 448 Core goes...I threw two of the 560 ti's in a recent build, along with an older Evga X58 SLi Board and my old I7 920...the thing rocks at 1920 x 1200 Res (there 1GB Cards), would imagine things would only be that much better with these two new 560 ti's !!

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