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Originally Posted by LarkStarr View Post
Sure it does, it's an electronic signal over a copper line just like anything else. But perhaps "huge factor" was a bit over-stated. It's certainly not as prevalent as DSL factors due in part to how thick and shielded the core of a coax cable can be. If you're talking a building wired anywhere with RG-59, (and you're in Oshawa so I'm kinda assuming here from horrible experiences I've seen around the university) then you're not going to get a real good signal at all, but even your typical RG-6 over a healthy distance can lose quality (5.5 db / 100 ft? - also consider the run to whatever box Rogers has!) but you're right: It's usually not a big deal. Also maybe consider bad cable splitters, bad heads and un-terminated connections. Hell maybe you just got a dirty line somewhere on the route to the box slowing you down.

The simple matter is most of this crap is avoided using a MIMO like system.
I think what happens is your "Rated" speed stays the same, unlike DSL which will drop with signal quality. You definitely will get a poor connection, packet loss etc. You're right about cable splitters, that's often one of the worst things for a signal.

As for going with a TPIA provider in Ontario, you will run into more problems as more things can go wrong. Distributel/Acanac had capacity issues for a while, they do seem largely resolved. Teksavvy has about half of their POIs congested during peak hours, although it does seem like they're getting a better grasp on things, being more proactive and Roger's is being a bit more cooperative. The exception is Dupont, it still is a shit show.

In any case, I'd see if anyone services Cogecoland because if they do, they probably service Rogers too and you could switch and keep the modem probably.

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