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Default Thermaltake Level 10 GT Water Cooling build log

Well... it's been almost 4 full years since I replaced my Li-Li WC'd rig with the Cosmos S ( Coolermaster Cosmos S ), and while I loved the ease of WC installation in it (out-of-the-box 320 internal installation was almost unheard of... :) ), the non-mechanical touch power switch has always seemed a little flakey, and I'm no longer interested in mucking about with the switch adapter to get it back up and running.... (I've already got a mechanical switch mounted on one of the front bezels, but it seemed like a good excuse for a new case anywise.... :) ).

With that in mind, the hunt was on for a suitable case... requirements were listed here.... Daddy needs a new case (or Somebody please stop me... ;) ) , and after much gnashing of teeth (ok, there wasn't really all that much gnashing... I'd pretty well already decided on the Lvl 10 GT, and just wanted to confirm that I wasn't loosing my marbles) a black Thermaltake Level 10 GT won the day, and within moments the dirty deed was done.

It's going to take a while for the project to be completed, parts are still coming in, and while I already have the level 10 in hand (it's an awfully big freaking box.... ;) ), it's earmarked as a christmas present for me, and as such I get to play the impatient toddler waiting to unwrap my present(s) on Christmas day...... :) I'll put up a few images this evening of what I've currently got, update as parts come in, and finally post the build process.

There's not going to be much in the way of modding so it might not be of much interest to seasoned pros, but hopefully one or two folks sitting on the fence will see how easy a WC build can be and thus be inspired to take on a project themselves.

Well... that's probably more than enough intro, now onto the current pics (I'll be posting links in this first post whenever I dump a new round of images to make it easy for folks to follow where it's going):

Postscript: I suppose this could also be listed as a cautionary tale.... choosing a new tower case for a WC enthusiast is never as simple as paying for the case... as it stands, the case was around $270, a new PSU (still on the way) was around $240, and today I dropped $270 over at Daz's store..... That's damn near $800 and doesn't include any actual computing hardware..... :)

Stay Tuned:
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