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Besides all the comments above I think it depends on what type of games you play as well.
If you play lots of shooters, flight simulators and or racing games then a triple monitor setup is very nice. Anything fast pace is great.
Now if your like me and tend to play slower games like role playing, strategy, and or mmo's then the triple display setup doesn't work so well for the field of view.
My triple display setup @ 5760 x 1080 lasted not even a full month.
My main issue was the field of view on the side monitors. It creates what i would call a fish lens on your side monitors. So while your center monitor is filled with eye candy, your side monitors are not. A whole lot of stretched out eye candy is what you get. On mmo's you actually use the side monitors to look at eye candy in game. That nuisance alone made me switch back to a single monitor for gaming and haven't looked back.
Games I played with my triple setup were WoW, FFXIV, Crysis and Dragon Age 2. Even on Crysis the fish lens got annoying.
Watch a few videos of Dragon Age 2 with triple monitors on youtube and pay attention to the side monitors.
Hope this helps with your decision.
I vote 27 inch all the way for SWTOR or until game developers along with AMD and Nvidia allow us users to adjust FOV to our own preference.
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