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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post

Fanboys don't seem to realize that the review was released more than a weeks ago.....before additional rebates were put in place for certain AMD cards.

And even with the rebates for AMD cards, I think most will agree with me that the 448 core card is STILL a better buy due to everything from driver support to overclockability.

/end response.

Driver support is pretty fanboy nonsense/message board noise imo. My 4890 never seems to have any of these alleged horrible driver issues. If anything I notice more problems with Nvidia cards (example, when BF3 came out some forum posters were saying even factory overclocked Nvidia cards needed to be turned down to stock to avoid problem in the game. WTF?).

Overclockability is a good point. But again useless on a VRAM limited card imo.

The rest boils down to you just ignoring the main problem, limited VRAM. Guess we agree to strongly disagree there.

But again, if you benched against a 1Gb 6950, your value proposition would have looked a lot different. And I dont see how you can say a 1GB 6950 isn't viable but a 1.28 GB card is....

I think the 560 Ti 448 would be a recommendable card if a 2560 MB version existed, but then again that would probably bump the cost $30+
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