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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Terrybear, one thing to seriously consider as well is if the drive has weak ITGC and with TRIM an honest unknown on AMD its only a matter of time before the drive gets more degraded. So sure initially the drive speed difference is a small percentage, after a long period of time without provisioning that difference is going to increase greatly.

As well AkG has a phenomal amount of experience in this regard with storage. And when even on AMD's own forum thread they have conflicting reports of if TRIM Is passed on or not with their chipsets.

Please do not turn a helpful thread into another grasping at straws post that the BD thread became.
It is what it is. AMD is grey area and always will be until they get there act together.
With intel based systems, it just works. What does that tell you ?

Pardon me, Im not "grasping at straws" & I think its rather insulting that someone actualy thinks abit positivly from a AMD platform that is not that "flawed" as some of you's may disagree with me about & ban me for tryin to respectfully disgree with it & give US the consumer a choice cause i am some kinda fanatical "AMD Fan Boi"?

All I have stated in THIS thread is I myself have not seen or read of failed trim in amd chipsets to date ... If you's can point me to information/factual proof on the matter I can change that view.

Sorry but i don't sit on this site or other site's waiting to start arguments & proclaim amd to be the almight, best & ONLY options like a fanatical fanboy would do as I am being acused of/ thought of as being ...

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