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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Terrybear /sigh. You may want to stick to areas you actually know what you are talking about. AMD fanboi'ism has blinded you....again. Just like your blind support for BD.

The OS has NO clue if the command is making it to the SSD or not. It just passes it on. Even on old mobos that dont support TRIM...the OS will show it as enabled. My best guess is the AMD driver is only 95% working. I am not the only one to experience AMD's TRIM 'support' shitting the bed. You would know this if you dealt with more than a couple SSDs and a couple systems. There is a lot of links in the TRIM chain. AMD has poor support for TRIM because in some cases the driver fails and in others their storage controller fails to pass it on. The end result is you can not trust your AMD rig with 100% certainty to pass on TRIM.

AMD is well known for being about 10 percent slower than Intel. You even have proven that yourself, whether you want to see the truth or not. I. Do. Not. Care. As. You. Are. A. Fanboi. It is sad to see an otherwise intelligent person be so blinded, but the fact still remains that AMD rigs are slower at storage related tasks than Intel. Hell please dont even get me STARTED on AMD's less than great Cool N Quiet drivers. That is some of the most poorly coded driver that I have seen in a long while that can easily turn a small difference into a large one.

The net result. If you are buying a new rig and want to get the most performance from it you buy an Intel rig. Not. A. AMD. System. They are slower, more prone to failure of TRIM and all round more hassle than their Intel counterparts. This is coming from somebody who usually couldnt care less about Intel or AMD. I ran both. However, where SSD's are the future I refuse to spend money on a company which has shown to be dragging its heels on SSD support. After all, if I am spending 300 - 800 for a SSD I damn well want every bit of performance that I paid for. IF the successor to BD proves that AMD is finally gotten SSD support right...bonus. I probably will be the first person in line to BUY it. Until then, my money is going to Intel and so would yours Terrybear IF you want to actually get all the speed from your SSDs.
I am about as much a "Fan BOI" as you are a intel one .... So moot point in some kinda argument your trying to make. Same as this somehow i am going around ... " promoting BD" .... why not, its not unusabled worst preforming crap as many peaple TRY to say it is like your insinuating like somehow a Intel Celron would be a better cpu/investment. Give your own head a shake there man !!

Just cause I have some balls to not go baaaahhhhhh & follow intel like yourself or others do .. that somehow makes me a "AMD fan Boi" cause I have some kinda rashional logical thoughts of realizing as a "Pro Consumer Fan Boi" as you like to put it IF everyone buys intel WE AS CONSUMERS can kiss our butts bu-bye for having no choice in the market, no inovations & most importantly PAYING A RANDSOM FOR SLOW NOT UP TO DATE TECHNOLIGY.

Sorry I don't have the money or support as you or others do or some type of IT degree to do reviews or what not. BUT I've been involved with computers since 86' & more so been hands on owning, upgrading helping friends build/design/upgrade there pc's as well as reading pc sites since 96'. I've also owned/used/recomended to friends AMD/ATI, Intel & Nvidia based items I seen how they preform as well as read so.

Are you going to insinuate further/insult my inteligence that I am some kinda "blind AMD Fan BOI" cause I seen absolutely NO preformance diffrence in a Dell box that had Core i7 860 with same amount of ram in it vs my current custom assembled Phenom II X4 955 BE ? Funny even my bud a few blocks away whom was the hardest of intel supports & does buy intel he still can see the value in AMD stuff & its importance to the consumer market & technoligy in general. Is he a "AMD Fan BOI" then cause of that that he's seen & concluded with his own mind & free will ?

Funny I am shure if ANYONE followed my posting on this forum since the bd lauch they would find little to no posts in me sayin " oh you gotta buy a bd insted of a intel ". It is a consumers choice to be given BOTH side's of things so they can make there own choices.

And just cause I disagree with your opinion/view/stance on why someone MUST buy a intel .... doesn't give you any right to call me or conclude I am some kinda "AMD Fan BOI" .... I am a consumer 1st & formost, 2ndly I have given you respect for the quality of your reviews ... but do I go around on this site calling you a "Intel Fan BOI" for all of them .... NO.

Simply put & maybe you can understand this, a CONSUMER/PC USER does not ALWAYS need the best, fastest or most advanced hardware for there needs. And it speak's volumes when 1 of intels own reps points out AMD is competitve vs them in the low to mid value market.
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