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Originally Posted by AkG View Post
Honestly, after my experiences with AMD I have zero faith in their ability to create a TRIM capable system. I have proven it to my own satisfaction that the "trim enabled" driver for the 8 series doesnt always work. AMD systems are also slower than than Intel's when it comes to SSD performance. This is two of the main reasons why after only after a little over a year that I will dropping my AMD rig and going for an Intel 2011 rig.
Again I have to respectfuly not agree with what AkG says here .... as long as the os reports trim as being enabled then the support is there weither it fully works or doesnt.

Same as this " AMD is slower then intel in ssd preformance " is partialy false .... cause if that was the case I would never have gotten FULL read/write speeds/preformace in 4k & what not on my Vertex 2 I have. Again peaple like to "generalize" things to easily in instances like this. The FEW times I have seen a spedific SSD drive on both a AMD & Intel latest chipset .... in the 1 instance the AMD system showed like maybe a 50/mb's slower rate in write preformance. I believe it was a Force 3 drive in which the intel was a X6x chipset vs amd 990 .... in read/write it was 550/520 intel to 534/470 amd. Does that justify calling it "slower" cause its 16/50 mb/s slower then the intel & not to buy it based on this 1 review ... NO. Start talking about 100 mb/s +/or around 50% on BOTH ... THEN you have a VERY valid argument

This is the reason why its important to read multiple reviews/do research before you put a system together .... most review sites/reviewers are not blessed to be handed x amount of componets from companies to test/review to post a statisticaly & factualy sound review/preview for folks.

I am in no way tryin to fully discredit AkG's position/opinion as I do like the job he does do on his reviews for the site ... BUT just making a point that in fact just cause one person's/review/opinion might be negative .. anothers might not be OR show otherwise .... which is why I myself like to read a bunch of reviews before I formulate a good bad or indifrent view on a componet with what was presented to me in information by various reviews/sites.

OH I forgot to add .... I do agree with AkG's recomendation of the marvel based SSD's .... as currently sandforce models are still maturing & OCZ's Idillinx Everest/Octaine SSD's while having great read speeds I feel are VERY hampered by there low write preformance that then for the same cost i feel are not currently worth it unless your looking at the 512 gig model.

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