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Honestly, after my experiences with AMD I have zero faith in their ability to create a TRIM capable system. I have proven it to my own satisfaction that the "trim enabled" driver for the 8 series doesnt always work. AMD systems are also slower than than Intel's when it comes to SSD performance. This is two of the main reasons why after only after a little over a year that I will dropping my AMD rig and going for an Intel 2011 rig.

The problem with writes is that yes in theory they will last a long long time....the newer gen of NAND is much more fragile than the older. What was once 10,000 erase cycles is now 3,000 to 5,000. Minimizing needles to writes is always a good idea. Is it NEEDED? Not if you plan on replacing it within the warranty period. If you plan on keeping it say 5+ years....then YES it certainly is a great idea. It is also still a good idea to leave as much room as possible free. The more room free the more NAND the writes are spread out across.

When it comes to Intel SRT ( I assume that is what you mean by cache drive. Otherwise a SSD for the systems a bad idea. You will kill your SSD well before the warranty runs out) I am of two minds. It can potentialy be a great boon. BUT I prefer to use a SSD for the main OS "C" drive and the hdd as a "D" drive. If all I could afford was a 60GB...then I would think about it. The only SSD I would recommend for such an environment (as it is a NON-TRIM setup) is the Marvell based drives. Intel 510, Crucial M4, Corsair Performance Plus. All three are good drives that can take care of themselves. I would not use a SandForce drive.
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