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My System Specs


AkG, is the information in the OP still relevant? I've been researching around and it seems that even the AMD 7XX mobos can TRIM now as it's a software/driver kinda thing. There's also no need to limit the write because the general consensus seems to be that a SSD will last longer than the computer itself. I myself am thinking of upgrade my CPU and mobo as you may have noticed from my thread, and SSD seems to be quite a viable option.

There is one thing I'm worried about, and that's how I should handle my program installations. Obviously if you have a 60GB SSD, then you can't really install any programs so they have to be installed on the hard drive. Got any tips on how to handle this if I format my computer with all my programs in say D:?

There also seems to be this thing where I can use SSD as a cache drive. Can you update the OP with information on that? I might have missed it, but I didn't see any mention on it.
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