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Originally Posted by Lyserberg View Post
Yeah i agree with Linus at this point
I would proabbly grab a GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3P great board with Ivy bridge support and PCIE GEN 3 READY,it's just a killer value,combine it with a 2500k,i refrain from seagate drives because they used to die on me and other PPL too,those drives tend to be less reliable,My suggestion will be a 1TB Samsung F3 drive for your OS and Games,and based on the amount of time you wanna spend on gameplays i would suggest getting 1TB or more also a samsung Drive,but not raid 0 otherwise it still be a problem
FRAPS is a very write speed demanding software,it has no compression whatsoever,it take the data directly from the frambuffer and flesh an AVI file with it,so in games with real time loading such as COD,FEAR 3,even FIFA 12 they will lag so much because the harddrive will get so confused writing Your gameplay data,and saving/loading your games
Oh and thank you as well your info helped alot too i think it will be worth the extra money then
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