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As seems to be the theme in this thread I would probably upgrade the mobo and keep the chip. Those Phenoms are pretty good, especially for gaming and multitasking. If you are experiencing lag and slow down you might see the most improvement from a Boot SSD. I found this to be the case. I've been using a Pentium D 945 for a couple of years and decided I should upgrade but found a SSD on sale cheap before I was ready to pull the trigger. Funny thing was, a clean install of Windows on the SSD made a world of difference and for the light web browsing/downloading/movies it was super fast. I mean you just have to be careful to keep your storage stuff (movies/photos/etc) on a separate drive and the programs you use all the time on the boot drive (games/OS/etc). I doubt you would even see much difference between the 6 core Thurban and the Phenom you have. Not many programs have the ability to spread tasks over more than 4 cores.
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