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My System Specs


Originally Posted by geokilla View Post
DDR3 makes such a huge difference in performance compared to DDR2? I'm not extreme multitasking so I'm not so sure if I would want to drop in a new motherboard while reusing my CPU which can barely overclock now. I think money would be better spent if I upgraded to just a AMD Thuban CPU rather than spending money on a new AM3+ motherboard.

With regards to Bulldozer, well I guess there's no need to consider Bulldozer anymore?
Cost for performance, you 're better off going Thuban than any bulldozer. But really, if you're going to drop the dough anyway and get a new motherboard/processor, go Intel i5. My initial suggestion was only to save you a bit of money up front, and upgrade to a Thuban only IF you need to.

What's more, I was judging the performance of your 955 based on how my STOCK 965 runs. You mentioned you like to multitask, but don't really run anything crazily intensive. My 965 has no problem doing all these at the same time: Folding, skyping, music/HD movies, downloading, transferring files between HDD's, surfing multiple tabs. That's basically what you'll be doing, right?

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