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My System Specs


Originally Posted by great_big_abyss View Post
EVERYBODY on here is going to recommend going with Intel and an I5. But consider this:

If you continue to go the AMD route, you can buy an AM3 board like this which supports your current processor. You'll be able to use your DDR3 RAM and will have the upgraded chipset as well as Sata 6Gb/s and USB 3.0. Seeing as I'm running all the latest games with a 965 without any problems, your 955 should be more than enough to play some SC2, skype and watch TV. If you find it's bogging down a little while multitasking, I'm sure you can find a Hex-core thuban at some point.

So, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a new Intel board and processor, spend $107 on a new motherboard. You can use the money you saved to buy an SSD and speed up your boot times.

True in one respect. I actually think he has a few options to pick from.

1. a) As mentioned above, just get a new board with some updated features and reuse current CPU. Gives you the option to grab a nice SSD as well with your budget.

b) New board and new processor (AMD). If you go this route I only suggest a 1090t. BD is not worth the extra IMO.

From the HWC review

2. If you want a bigger improvement in CPU speed then the i5 route is the way to go with a CPU/MOB.

My Opinion:

Go with a 2500k/p67 or z68 MOB if you want the most improvement in your processing power. If you want an overall improvement, but are happy with your current CPUs processing performance, then just grab an SSD. If you want usb 3.0 and are content with your CPU, then grab a new MOB and reuse your CPU. I wouldn't upgrade AMD CPUs from what you already have (if you need a new MOB/CPU, then go intel).
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