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My System Specs

Default Replace My AM2+ Setup For Around $500

I'm looking to spend up to $500 to replace the CPU and motherboard in my PC during the Christmas holidays. Everything else will be reused as there is no point in replacing the other parts. Plus I don't game much anymore, as I spend more time now just playing SC2 and/or watching TV shows while talking to friends. In short, I guess I place multitasking over gaming now. I also have a Kingston 8GB DDR3 RAM kit here as it was on sale and well, I don't really see it dropping much more in the future.

Should I go for a AMD Thuban, AMD Bulldozer (very cheap now ), or Intel Core i5 setup? I feel that going from quad core to quad core won't give me a good boost in multitasking performance, and a Core i7 setup is overkill.

Of course, SSDis an option, but I don't think it'll speed up my PC's performance by a huge margin. Plus it's very expensive.
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