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Originally Posted by Dead Things View Post
Okay, so we've got that A8 score... but when the guy was benching it he was running into weird memory errors like "3DMark requires at least 128MB of memory to be installed" even though CPU-Z correctly showed the 8GB he had installed. Anyway, something was amiss, and his score reflects that at 25,382. Unfortunately he had to return the machine to his customer this morning and did not have much time to play with it.

He's going to post it up anyway, but just wanted to give the team a heads-up in case anybody knows a guy who knows a guy with an A8 and wants to take another shot at it.

Pretty sure the problem was that the ram allocation setting was left at 32mb or 64mb or whatever default is. Its a setting in the bios where you can choose how much of your system ram you want to allocate strictly for the igpu. That's too bad but it was done in such a short time that things like this are almost expected to happen.
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