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In which aspect that it might be tight, like around the ram area, the ram itself or case wise? I have in mind the HAF X from cooler master which is a full tower. I think based off of the picture that you provided that with a little cable management it may work, if not I can revert to another component of smaller proportions. I just realizd that sounded a little rude, no rude intentions at all dma. I appreciate the pic as it helps alot. The reason I asked on the motherboard switches was because on the review from linus off of you tube he mentioned the pcie 16 x switches for which graphics cards slots are being used. So Dma please respond as youve responed the most throughout this thread. Correct me below also.

1. Complete build, turn on pc and run bios 1st. (where do I access bios or does it just pop up)
2. Install operating system 2nd via cd to (ssd or hdd and will it give me the option to choose)?
3. Access the bios oc utility and setup overclocking 3rd.
4. Skip
5. Do i need to setup display settings, overclock here or when im in the gpu afterburner?
6. "Predefined Temperature Threshold" Do I control this in bios? (i guess what im saying is, if i over clock, the fans are automatically going to speed up once it senses more heat or do i set a number in the bios).
7. As far as display settings are concerned is this referring to just in game or for the entire pc no matter what your doing?
8. Can anyone (with my components) give me any round about numbers of what I should overclock at and be safe, like clock speed, bus speed, ram speed, voltage and so on?

Im sorry for asking so many questions everyone, obviously, as you can tell, I know nothing about overclocking. Im such a noob!! Thanks in advance to everyone.
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