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My System Specs


I've built a gaming rig for a friend of mine that has a HD6870 Crossfire with a 700W Corsair. It runs well without any problem and the specs are somewhat similar to yours so if you're planning for the 750W PSU it will be sufficient.

That Asus motherboard is nice, it will do. Almost any SSD these days will give you some performance boost. From what I've heard it even bests a Velociraptor RAID 0. You could use Intel SRT and use the SSD as a cache but for maximum performance, use the SSD as an OS drive. I've heard nothing but good things about the Xonar Essence STX and it is a good sound card with a proper headphone amplifier.

You would probably want to consider something like a H80 which would definitely fit the top 120mm exhaust. The performance might not be as good or similar to a Noctua NH-D14 but I'm more concerned over the fact that huge tower coolers don't go well with tall RAM heatsinks.
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