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Is that GX2 really noiser than those Ultras at 1500rpm? Damn, that's terrible.

Swiftech states that their single rad should be able to dissipate 100W at a 10 degree temp air-water delta, using a 1200rpm/47cfm fan. Since your Ultras are quite a bit more powerful than that, so even more heat could be handled with such a fan (probably over 150W, to extrapolate from the Swiftech graphs). Now, if you use a 20 degree delta instead of 10, you can double the heat capacity. Say 200W, to be very conservative, which is about the level of your card at max load.

Now, I routinely see people reporting temps in the 50's with that card under water, so with the extra 10 degrees in air-water delta, you could reasonably expect temps in the 60's, even at max load.

Anyways, that's my 2c.
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