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Originally Posted by Luay79 View Post
Forget any dual GPU card on current generation 40nm chips. 4-way sli gtx 580 is the way to go but if you want it for gaming, not for bragging, then you need the following:

1) 3 120hz monitors: A gpu setup this extreme would (and should) target the most extreme of displays, and that is eyefinity resolution of 5760x1080 and 120fps for your games. The difference from 60 fps to 120fps is staggering if your display can do it. $1,000 give or take. You can go an alternative route of higher resolution with a slower 60hz refresh rate, but for games, smoother frames look, feel and playbetter than crisper images.

2) Three GB on each card: If you're shelling out $2,000 worth of GPU, might as well pay the extra $400 or else you'll be driving your V12 on small tires. (road metaphor)

3) LGA 2011/X79: Sandy Bridge gives good yields when paired up with a maximum of three cards. The fourth is almost useless. X79 does better scaling and will add almost %20 power with the 4th card. That's another $500 for the CPU and $400 for the motherboard.

4) Massive air-flow/Dual PSU case for extreme overclockers: The only option I would go for is the Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra. No massive air-flow case can generate an air tunnel without sounding like a jet plan as well as it can. If you're going to overclock without adjusting volts, then something in the lines of the New Seasonic or XFX 1250W Gold will suffice. If you will overclock and adjust volts, then you will need more power. Two PSUs in the line of Seasonic 760W Gold can be installed in top and bottom. $210 for the case and give or take $300 for power.

Even if the setup is too expensive and complicated, I would rather wait for the next-gen GPUs on 28nm chips than buy one of the current generation dual GPU cards. That's my opinion only.
Forget 120mhz and 1080p monitors. Go for THREE 27" Sammy PLS 27850s. For some 7680 x 1440 game goodness. Hell if you are going whole hog, why not go full monty and go for THREE Dell U3011s for some 7680 x 1600 goodness?! You wont need 120 refreshrate as even 4 580s will have a hard time pushing that many pixels with ALL the eye candy turned on....and 1080p surround gaming is so last year. :)~

TBH I too would caution against going 580s or 590s right now. Wait awhile prolly 3-4 months as the new gens will be out that will run more efficient, cooler and faster...something you SHOULD be worrying about as that much heat and power in a single a MAJOR concern.
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