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Watercooling kits like the swiftech and ek kits are perfectly fine but the rasa kit may limit you when it comes to expanding your loop. The bayres pump that is included with it is pretty weak compared to a mcp355 + top so you might run into trouble when you add more blocks if you want adequate flow.

The Swiftech H20 kits come with enough raddage and an mcp35x pump so you don't need to worry much about flow or cooling capacity unless you add an insane amount of gpus, ram blocks, mobo blocks etc haha. Same goes with the EK kits since the pump included with it should be on par with an mcp355.

For fittings you should decide on your decision between barbs or compressions. You wouldn't want to buy barbs and regret not getting all those shiny sleek looking compression fittings down the road If you go with 7/16id tubing on 1/2 barbs you still want to get some form of clamps as the tubing will still have a chance to slide off down the road no matter how tight it seems to be.

+1 to the 3/8 5/8 compressions though, that tubing size has insane bend radius.
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