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My System Specs


Originally Posted by rjbarker View Post
Sorry, I disagree with some here, you'll get better overall performance from 2 x 590's in Quad SLi then 4 individual Cards, nv simply hasn't bothered to optimize Drivers for 4 Cards yet, likely never will, yes some performance boost with the 4th Card, but minimal.
I didn't bother checking any of your choices in your poll as the once choice you left out that I would consider for a "super high Res build), as in 3 x U3011, would be a more simply Tri SLi 580 3Gb set-up. These you'll be able to OC quite high, scaling will be a ton better than Quad SLi, power consumption will be reasonable (1 good 1.2kW PSU) and your results will be very good as far as gaming goes.
Give me some proof if I'm wrong, but 2x 590 uses 4-way SLI, so therefore using 4 faster clocked GPUs will provide you with more speed than 4 slower. I have a friend with 2 x GTX 295 and he either enables 4-way SLI or 3-way + 1 dedicated physX. I will also say that the OP should consider your point about 4-way SLI support as most games will see no benefit from the 4th card.
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